Purveyors of quality pork pies, since 1956



The beginning of the 1920’s saw the Spanish Flu Pandemic spread across the world killing an estimated 100 million people. In 1922 Thomas Charles Morris lost his father and brother to the disease. Struggling to cope, his mother did the best she could and gave Charlie away to a pig farm in the West Midlands. There Charlie helped on the farm, sleeping in the staples and looking after the pigs.

Several years later, Charlie met, and fell in love with Lilly Placket while working in Smith’s, a butcher’s shop in the Willenhall Market Place. Together they were able to buy their first butcher’s shop on Lower Lichfield Street just before the start of World War II.

During the war, Charlie and Lily managed to keep the butcher’s going and as the war ended they were able to make a reasonable living, eventually buying the butcher’s in Willenhall market place where they originally met and fell in love.

The business grew and Charlie, together with Lily’s brother Zebulon, brought a farm in Essington.

During the late 1960’s Charlie’s two sons, John and David Morris entered the business and predicting the decline of the traditional butcher shop, between them they decided to sell the shops and farm in order to concentrate on manufacturing various meat products. The product range became more specialized and during the 1990’s T.C. Morris began to concentrate solely on the manufacture of quality pork pies.

Today…Many of the staff have been employed in the business for over 35 years including John Baggott the General Manager. The business is still very much a family affair and Charlotte Tennant, Granddaughter of Charlie Morris, now heads up the organisation.